Vocal Instruction

1-on-1 Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons are a great way to increase your knowledge of singing and strengthen your voice. Students of all ages and abilities will learn vocal techniques, repertoire, and music theory. During lessons, our professionally trained voice instructors will use trusted teaching resources and accompany students on the piano. Learning to sing takes time and patience, and one-on-one instruction allows for individual growth. Whether you are a beginner or are preparing for your next audition, take your next musical step with CREATE!

Vocal Coaching (Optional)

In addition to voice lessons, students have the opportunity to further their performance knowledge with vocal coaching. Each student will sign up, in advance, for one of the 15-minute time slots available on vocal coaching day. Here he or she will gain experience working with a professional accompanist while the student’s respective voice instructor focuses solely on his or her vocal technique. Vocal coaching provides an excellent opportunity to practice before recitals and hone in on repertoire and technique to make each student’s performance the best that it can be. Students also have the option to invite supportive family members into this session, to help build confidence performing in front of others. Whether it’s your first recital, one of many, or you just want to improve your vocal technique, vocal coaching is a great way to improve your vocal skills.